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제품 설명
  • Triangulation Sensor with dual camera for the acquisition of various criteria on moving webs.
  • Can be used for position acquisition, web guiding, material detection, final check and width measurement.
  • Complete data processing within the camera


The triangulation sensor, with one line laser beam and two cameras, determines the distance of all objects within sensors measuring range by evaluation of the projected laser line. The position of the laser line is tracked by a matrix camera and provides real 2D coordinates with up to 40Hz for each position.

기술 사양


  SL 2362 SL2462
Measuring range     
x-direction (width) 350 mm 450 mm
z-direction (thickness) 30 mm 30 mm

Measuring distance 
(to mid of measuring range)


335 mm

x-direction (width) 0,1 mm 0,15 mm
z-direction (thickness) 0,001 mm 0,001 mm
Measuring accuracy    
x-direction (width) +/- 0,2 mm
z-direction (thickness) +/- 0,1 mm
Max. scan rate 40 Hz
Laser class Class 2
Laser wavelength 660nm


Power supply: M12, 8-pol
Cable specification: E+L mat. no. 387328 or comparable
Gigabit ethernet: RJ45 (IP54)
Cable specification: E+L mat. no. 390889 or comparable

Weight 9 kg
Protection class IP 54
Ambient temperature +10 bis +40 °C
Dimensions (Sensor) 265 x 160 x 85 mm
Operating voltage Nominal value 24 V DC
Power consumption 18 W
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